Come and meet over 50 of our Celebrity Supporters at ODP3 on Sunday 19th November at:
Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre
Lytton Way

Click HERE for line up

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NEW FOR 2018!!!

Autograph Giraffe has gone Barking mad!!!

A signing event every month!

Barking Learning Center
2 Town Square
IG11 7NB

Organised and run by my human friends at 10th Planet Events!

If you can't make any of the monthly shows you can order a 10" x 8" photo that will

be signed on the day or you can send in your photo or DVD cover

For all enquiries please visit:


Great laid back fun signings where any egos are left at the door!

Autographs only £10 each or 5 for £40

Autograph Giraffe will also be there with thousands of Affordable Authentic Autographs​​​​​​​!!

January 20th: 

Sophie Aldred

Nick Joseph


Oliver Barry-Brook

Francois Pandolfo​​​​​​​













COMING SOON!!!​​​​​​​

At the beginning of September we will be offering
dealers, fans and collectors the opportunity to come and
meet one of the ODP team at the
  Hounslow Urban Farm
 and leisurely browse​​​​​​​ through thousands and thousands of
Affordable Authentic Autographs
 with the majority of the signed photos​​​​​​​ being signed In Person
by our wonderful celebrity supporters​​​​​​​
All photographs are 10" x 8"​​​​​​​
Great for selling on Ebay and Amazon
 knowing you're getting the Triple A experience from us

The more you buy the more you save!
£10 each
£7.50 each if you buy 10
£6.00 each if you buy​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​25
£5.00 each if you buy 50
£4.00 each if you buy​​​​​​​ 100
£3.00 each if you buy ​​​​​​​250
£2.50 each if you buy 400
By Appointment Only​​​​​​​
Call 07745 781527​​​​​​​

I, Autograph J Giraffe want to know 'What the hell is going on!'​​​​​​​

What with former employee Pete Sims being dismissed
​​ for working for Our Disappearing Planet
 while committing thousands of £'s of benefit fraud
 and is now a partner in 'All Star Autographs'.

Then Gregor Gillespie being dismissed for
 gross misconduct for stealing thousands of signed photos
 from Our Disappearing Planet and is now working illegally
​​​​​​​in America calling himself Gregor Gee and selling
​​​​​​​ Our Disappearing Planet's​​​​ stolen signed photos
 on American​​​​​​​ Internet auction sites.


​​​​​​​Karen, Michele and Roy Dotrice

​​​​​​​Rare, rescued albino orangutan in Borneo


We have set up a monthly donation - why don't you?


"Every bit of the rainforest that is knocked down is less space for orangutans.
​​​​​​​ They have been reduced very seriously in the past decade, and we must do all we can to reverse this devastation"

Sir David Attenborough.

Autograph Giraffe has got his own website!!!

For Affordable Authentic Autographs

go to


for the Triple A experience!

You've tried the rest,

Now try the  ̶b̶e̶a̶s̶t̶  best!

Autograph Giraffe brings you.....

Humans for Hire

The head count currently numbers over 50!!!!


Do you need a Bond Girl, Carry On or James Bond star, Willy Wonka 'kid', 3 of

the main Poirot cast or a Doctor Who star for your next autograph show?

An after dinner speaker?

A 'Happy Birthday' phone call or Xmas card to a friend or family member?

Whatever you want Autograph Giraffe will do his best to provide it!

Please Email your requirements to:


and a very nice human will get back to you!


HUGE thanks to James Bond and Absolutely Fabulous star

Joanna Lumley OBE


for the large EXCLUSIVE signing

One, if not THE nicest, human being!

Lots of love from Autograph Giraffe

If you want a signed photo of Joanna look no further than my website

Click HERE

 It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that Autograph Giraffe bids a fond farewell to:

Michael Culver

Angela Douglas

Melvyn Hayes

Thank you for your support and the many many photos you signed for us over the years

May you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The last time I followed a rainbow I ended up in a field but hey ho!

Autograph Giraffe