Because of the uncertainty around Covid

 and having no guarantee that CovCon on October 3rd

will go ahead it has been postponed until

Saturday May 7th 2022

Just seen this AMAZING website

and will be making a monthly donation to them


Why don't you?

Hello everyone!

Just to let you know that with the help of our generous celebrity supporters

signing photos and memorabilia for us

and our wonderful customers on Ebay

Our Disappearing Planet

donated over £25,000

to animal charities/animal good causes

in the year from May 2018 to June 2019

Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

Artist: Marvin Gaye

Release year: 1971

This year: 2021

Whoa, oh, mercy mercy me

Oh, things ain't what they used to be, no no
Where did all the blue skies go?
Poison is the wind that blows from the North and South and East

Whoa mercy, mercy me
Oh, things ain't what they used to be, no no
Oil wasted on the oceans and upon our seas, fish full of mercury
Oh, oh, oh mercy, mercy me

Oh things ain't what they used to be, no no
Radiation underground and in the sky
Animals and birds who live nearby are dying
Oh mercy, mercy me

Oh things ain't what they used to be
What about this overcrowded land
How much more abuse from man can she stand?

PLEASE read and forward to ALL your friends

From Jane Goodall

Click HERE

SARS, MERS and Covid-19 are


that envolved from animals to infect humans

Is it animals fighting back????

When a bat flaps its wings in a wet market in Wuhan

the whole world feels it!

15 years ago Gary Stone-Houghton
the founder of Our Disappearing Planet (ODP)
wanted to raise some money in his spare time
 for an animal charity called
The World Land Trust
that he had been reading about.
He wrote off to some celebrities mainly from
EastEnders and Coronation Street
asking for donated signed photos for auction.
The response was so overwhelming than in no time at all
he had raised £1000 which he sent to 
The World Land Trust and thought no more of it.

Several weeks later he received
an email not only thanking him
 for his donation but stating his £1000
had enabled them to purchase
 1 square foot of rainforest
that could not be built on as it now belonged to
Our Disappearing Planet

That was the catalyst to devote more and more of his spare time
to request donated signed photographs
 from TV and film actors and in June 2014
 ODP became a registered animal charity
(Registration number: 1131614).

99% of ODP's fundraising is through
 auctioning celebrity signed photos and memorabilia
 and since becoming a registered animal charity
 has acquired many hundreds of
celebrity supporters
who are all happy to donate photos when needed.

Since becoming registered
 ODP has raised tens of thousands of £’s
 and has helped scores of animal charities/good causes.

At the beginning of 2018
it was decided that the monies raised in that year
 would go to one specific cause which was the
 Big Cat Sanctuary.
While raising money for them
Dame Judi Dench
one of ODP’s longest supporters came along with her partner
 David Mills OBE,
who founded and still runs the
British Wildlife Centre
to see for themselves what a truly wonderful place
 it was and for Dame Judi to present 
the founder of the Big Cat Sanctuary
Peter Sampson
with a cheque for 

While there Dame Judi Dench and David Mills OBE
also accepted a cheque for £1000 for the British Wildlife Centre.


And a few months later had another cheque for £4708.43.

During 2018 Gary, now the CEO,
 took actress Caroline Munro
 one of the charities longest supporters
to a convention in Coventry called
 Coventry Comic Con
and while there persuaded the owner
 Jeff Cummings
 to donate some of the proceeds
from his next convention in 2019 to ODP.

He kept to his word which allowed
 2 large enclosures to be built at The Hounslow Urban Farm
 1 heated indoor enclosure with waterfall for an unwanted 6 ft long Water Monitor

 The other an outdoor enclosure
 with access to a heated indoor enclosure
 with running fresh water stream
 for a pair of unwanted Common Marmosets
 While in quarantine the female gave birth to twins
1 male and 1 female
and after quarantine were housed in their new spacious home. 
A few weeks later a 6ft Common Iguana was acquired,
again as an unwanted pet, but space was limited
 so it was introduced to the marmoset enclosure.
 Here they are getting on really well together in harmony.

Since then Jeff has become the Ambassador for ODP
 and on October 3rd 2020,
Coventry Comic Con now named CovCon
will put on its 4th yearly convention,
 this time the majority of the celebrity guests
 attending will be giving their time for free
 and ODP Is not only raising money
 for animal charities but it has been decided
 that breast cancer charities will benefit too
 as they are close to Caroline Munro's heart,
Caroline being a long time friend and one of
 ODP's longest celebrity supporter.
Caroline will decide which charities benefit from all monies raised.

And Gary who still puts in hours and hours of hard work
 to contact and meet celebrities to get
 In Person signed photos
which will be sold to create precious funds for other charities.

Rare, rescued albino orangutan in Borneo

We have set up some monthly donations - why don't you?

The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation

"Every bit of the rainforest that is knocked down is less space for orangutans.

They have been reduced very seriously in the past decade, and we must do all we can to reverse this devastation"

Sir David Attenborough.

The World Wide Fund for Nature

is an international non-governmental organisation

 founded in 1961

 working in the field of wilderness preservation

and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

 is a non-governmental
environmental organisation with offices
in over 39 countries and was founded in 1971


For as long as hunting wild animals with dogs has existed,
people will have been opposed to it.
The League Against Cruel Sports was founded in 1924
with the aim of banning fox hunting, stag hunting,
otter hunting, hare hunting and hare coursing in the UK.

Today, sadly, we are still campaigning on many of the same issues.
The League is known for being instrumental
in bringing about the Hunting Act 2004
 which banned hunting with hounds in England and Wales,
 yet we are still fighting to protect foxes,
 hare and deer from illegal hunting which takes place
far too frequently across the UK.