Guess who invited me round for a cuppa?!

Only Amanda Barrie!

WHAT is going on in the world of Conventions????

So it's been an eventful year or two for EM CON and Lee Wallis!

Following on from an incident involving his partnership
with Lee Bradley which went south and is
well documented we now have reports
of unpaid refunds from his show in Nottingham earlier this year.

Added to that Worcester Comic Con was a washout
and he cancelled Derby due to low ticket sales.

Something tells me all is not well with EM CON.

Despite his protestations and attempts
to deflect the blame it still sounds like he is
moving deck chairs on the Titanic!

As for his deluded supporter who has said
"I’m sure all will come out in the wash
and we can all say told you so!"

Look at this blithering idiot’s response…


 Autograph Giraffe - keeping it real!!!

And some more failed shows.....

Charmed Again - CANCELLED
Heroes and Villains (London) - CANCELLED
SFB24 - Peterborough - CANCELLED
Peterborough Comic Con - CANCELLED
Elstree Comic Con - CANCELLED 
Geekedfest Events - CANCELLED

And the weirdest of them all........

London Film and Comic Con - CANCELLED!!!!

They have cited 'Brexit' in their Facebook ramblings!

Which is strange as Jamie at Wales Comic Con is going from
strength to strength
this December having to hire a much bigger venue!

While Wales Comic Con has got that sweet smell of success
or as Nana Giraffe says
'Like fresh hot homemade bread coming out the oven'
it looks like
London Film and Comic Con
is toast!

After seeing the videos of their Sheffield show which was

And 21 guests 'cancelling' their previous (or in their case.... LAST) London Film and Comic Con...

RIP Jason Joiner!

Autograph Giraffe - keeping it real!!!

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in CovCon Junior!!
The volunteers, celebrity guests and attendees
who made it a great day.

The usual relaxed affordable experience that
CovCon and Autograph Giraffe events
are getting known for!

A fabulous time was had by all.

CovCon 2019

Watching the Quadrophenia Q&A - Standing room only!!!

Now the dust has settled.....

It's official - The best CovCon yet!

If you don't believe me, check out Social Media....

And if you don't believe that your name must be Jason, Julian or Gregor.......

Autograph Giraffe - keeping it real!

"I had a brilliant day at CovCon!
Great to meet up with my old buddies from Quadrophenia"

John Altman

"Always happy to support such a great charity!"

Ray Brooks

"Great day, great event at CovCon!
Please help save our planet!" 

Phil Daniels

"I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did!”

David Gooderson

"As always with events hosted by
CovCon and Our Disappearing Planet
everyone was friendly and there was a real family atmosphere.
And I’ve never seen so many amazing costumes !!”

Michael Kigarriff

What a great day.
So good to be back in my part of the world
 and to see so many fun participants from the public.
 It was a fun and happy day and what a great way to support
Our Disappearing Planet.
 Covcon going from strength to strength.
So looking forward to the next one.”

Ian Lavender

"Wonderful chance, visiting CovCon,
to have been let off the lead
to meet all those exceptional dogged fans of K9.
A great day all round!"

John Leeson

"I had a great day at CovCon.
It was so lovely to meet so many wonderful people
 who came to enjoy the day.
 I couldn’t believe the effort they made to dress up as their
 favourite characters from the movies.
 The costumes were amazing.
Thanks to all the people who bought pictures for the animal charity
 Our Disappearing Planet.
Such an important cause and one that desperately needs
our attention before its too late."

Linda Lusardi

"Had a great time!
Caught up with some old friends
and made a lot of new ones"

Daniel Peacock

"Working with Our Disappearing Planet is always a joy.
Their shows are always relaxed and great fun
and they look after everyone fabulously well.
Of course, this is a cause that couldn't be closer to my heart
 and one that's becoming increasingly important to support.
 In that regard, Gary's awareness was miles ahead of everyone else
 and I greatly respect his dedication.
The personalities I have met and made friends with
 at these particular events have been wonderful
to work with and we have a great time meeting lovely people".

Heather Ripley

"I had a brilliant time at CovCon!
The fans were brilliant, the staff were
super friendly and passionate,
and the vibe of the whole day was great fun!

Nic Sampson

"It was so nice to meet all the lovely people
who attended CovCon and the staff who worked
at the event looked after us so well.
Loved seeing all the amazing costumes!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous day!

Sally Thomsett and daughter Charlie (PA)  

"What an amazing day!"

Philip Voss

"Great show on Saturday at CovCon!
Huge happy crowd who were ecstatic
to see the Quad team back together!
Well done Our Disappearing Planet!"


"Thank you for inviting me!
Great to see Ian again too!"

Frank Williams

"The best Comic Con I've ever attended!
Fantastic organisation from Jeff, Gary, Peter and the team.
Met some wonderful people and what a line up!
Thanks for a brilliant day!'

Vicki Alcock 

He's back!!!!


It has come to our attention that 
Matthew Campbell

is using
Our Disappearing Planets
good name and reputation
to try and sign up some of our celebrity supporters 
to his agency M&M Famous Faces

Using a charity to better yourself is a pretty low way of feathering your nest!

The second 'M' of M&M Famous Faces has already jumped ship​​​​​​
and his client list is littered with celebrities
that haven't agreed to be on there including
Bernard Cribbins OBE, Jessica Martin, Victoria Alcock and Biggins
to name a few

Sherrie Hewson is another actress NOT represented by Matthew Campbell
The solicitor's cease and desist letter is in the mail!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star
Heather Ripley had never heard of him, nor his fake company!

As he is well known for his unprofessional and dishonest behaviour Gill Selwyn now fronts the 'agency'.

Yet another convention that has blacklisted
M&M Famous Faces.....

Smugglers Charity Events 

Matthew Campbell has also been blacklisted by:

Bowington Management
MCM Comic Con
Humans For Hire
CovCon Junior
Studio54 Management
Living Legends Ltd
Star Booking Management
Cambridge Comic Con
Really Wild Events
Wales Comic Con
The Capitol
to name just a few!

And actors too.........

So all promoters out there, steer clear!

You have been warned!

Autograph Giraffe - keeping it real!


My new friends Wendy Padbury, Leslie Ash and Colin Spaull!

And as Jimmy Cricket says....

And there's more


Daniela Tlumacova, Michael Kilgarriff and Tim Dry


Georgina Hale, Robert Nairne and Velile Tshabalala


Mark Wingett, Phil Daniels and Trevor Laird


Trevor Peacock, Steve Bartely and Royston Edwards


Jet, John Altman and Andy Beckwith


Cobra, Edward Dogliani and Frank Williams


Heather Ripley, Margaret Jackman and Philip Voss


Toby Philpott, Toyah Willcox and Ian Lavender

Adrian Bouchet

Hands up if you think these 'big conventions' are really just 'big cons'
by advertising 'A' listers to get the tickets sales up only to 'cancel' them at the last minute!!!
They are happy to refund pre-paid autographs and photo shoots but not your entrance price.

With conventions springing up everywhere here and overseas........

Autograph Giraffe is bringing you.....

Humans For Hire

New Clients!!

Ewen MacIntosh

Sheila Reid OBE

John D. Collins

Philip Jackson

Prentis Hancock

Velile Tshabalala

You've tried the rest now try the be(a)st!

You can choose from over 200 celebrities from:
James Bond, Star Wars, Doctor Who,
Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Carry On
and many more!

THANK YOU to everyone that have previously used
Humans For Hire
for their convention needs here and overseas
We have decided to let our two friends below
deal with all our bookings from now on to give us
much needed time to raise money
for deserving animal charities/good causes

So please in future contact either:

Jeff Cummings


Matthew Rose

Our Disappearing Planet will still benefit from EVERY booking!

Thank you for stopping by!

Autograph Giraffe - keeping it real!

Please see below photos of our friend and supporter
Dame Judi Dench
with ODP's founder Gary Stone-Houghton

with Autograph Giraffe, Half Giraffe and Eartha Catt

with the founder of The Big Cat Sanctuary
Peter Sampson
with a cheque for £12,000
from Our Disappearing Planet and Autograph Giraffe

and with the founder of the British Wildlife Centre
David Mills OBE
with a cheque for £1000
from Our Disappearing Planet and Autograph Giraffe

The ODP team cannot thank Dame Judi enough for her support

I'm Eartha Catt
I'm best friends with Maya, the orphaned jaguar cub
who had her own 3 part series on BBC2 called
'Big Cats About the House'
Giles Clark and his family raised Maya at their home
and now Giles and his team care for her at
The Big Cat Sanctuary
Giles also supports Our Disappearing Planet!

Our Disappearing Planet and Autograph Giraffe are happy to endorse

Studio 54 Management  

No fuss, no over inflated egos and no over inflated fees!


Karen, Michele and Roy Dotrice

Rare, rescued albino orangutan in Borneo

We have set up a monthly donation - why don't you?


"Every bit of the rainforest that is knocked down is less space for orangutans.
They have been reduced very seriously in the past decade, and we must do all we can to reverse this devastation"

Sir David Attenborough.

Autograph Giraffe has got his own website!!!


What's that you say?


HUGE thanks to James Bond and Absolutely Fabulous star

Joanna Lumley OBE

for the large EXCLUSIVE signing

One of the nicest human beings!

Lots of love from Autograph Giraffe


As you may or may not know
Gregor Gillespie
was dismissed from Our Disappearing Planet for
Gross Misconduct
and through Social Media has been
harrassing, trolling and stalking

Our Disappearing Planet's Trustees, CEO, staff and volunteers

Ealing Police, The Charity Commission and ODP's solicitor
are all aware of his rants.

If you are contacted by
Gregor Gillespie
please forward on his correspondence to
along with his Email as he hides behind many Hotmail and Gmail accounts

They will all be passed on to Ealing Police and all relevant parties

Our only Facebook page is
Our Disappearing Planet Charity ODP


and any other pages pretending to be Our Disappearing Planet are FAKE

Stalking is a very serious issue
and we are proud to be working with our friends at

Protection Against Stalking

If you are being harassed, trolled or stalked they are there to help

The ODP team