With conventions springing up everywhere here and overseas........

Autograph Giraffe is bringing you.....

Humans For Hire

You've tried the rest now try the be(a)st!

You can choose from over 200 celebrities from:
James Bond, Star Wars, Doctor Who,
Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Carry On
and many more!


Star Wars star
Angela Staines

James Bond star
Philip Voss

Email your requirements and a lovely human will get back to you!


Our Disappearing Planet will benefit from EVERY booking!

Thank you for stopping by!

Autograph Giraffe

Please see below photos of our friend and supporter
Dame Judi Dench
with ODP's founder Gary Stone-Houghton

with Autograph Giraffe, Half Giraffe and Eartha Catt

with the founder of The Big Cat Sanctuary
Peter Sampson
with a cheque for £12,000
from Our Disappearing Planet and Autograph Giraffe

and with the founder of the British Wildlife Centre
David Mills OBE
with a cheque for £1000
from Our Disappearing Planet and Autograph Giraffe

The ODP team cannot thank Dame Judi enough for her support

I'm Eartha Catt
I'm best friends with Maya, the orphaned jaguar cub
who had her own 3 part series on BBC2 called
'Big Cats About the House'
Giles Clark and his family raised Maya at their home
and now Giles and his team care for her at
The Big Cat Sanctuary
Giles also supports Our Disappearing Planet!

Our Disappearing Planet and Autograph Giraffe are happy to endorse

Studio 54 Management  

No fuss, no over inflated egos and no over inflated fees!


Coming soon...........

Bigger and better!!!

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Karen, Michele and Roy Dotrice

​​​​​​​Rare, rescued albino orangutan in Borneo


We have set up a monthly donation - why don't you?


"Every bit of the rainforest that is knocked down is less space for orangutans.
​​​​​​​ They have been reduced very seriously in the past decade, and we must do all we can to reverse this devastation"

Sir David Attenborough.

Autograph Giraffe has got his own website!!!



What's that you say?


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​HUGE thanks to James Bond and Absolutely Fabulous star

Joanna Lumley OBE


for the large EXCLUSIVE signing

One of the nicest human beings!

Lots of love from Autograph Giraffe


As you may or may not know
Gregor Gillespie
was dismissed from Our Disappearing Planet for
Gross Misconduct
and through Social Media has been
harrassing, trolling and stalking

Our Disappearing Planet's Trustees, CEO, staff and volunteers

Ealing Police, The Charity Commission and ODP's solicitor
are all aware of his rants.

If you are contacted by
Gregor Gillespie
please forward on his correspondence to
along with his Email as he hides behind many Hotmail and Gmail accounts

They will all be passed on to Ealing Police and all relevant parties

Our only Facebook page is
Our Disappearing Planet Charity ODP


and any other pages pretending to be Our Disappearing Planet are FAKE

Stalking is a very serious issue
and we are proud to be working with our friends at

Protection Against Stalking

If you are being harassed, trolled or stalked they are there to help

The ODP team